New York Jets Finally Release Tim Tebow, Put End to Circus

The New York Jets wasted no time in whittling the number of quarterbacks on their roster from six to five after trading up to take Geno Smith in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft. The Jets released Tim Tebow very early on Monday morning, putting an end to his short, humiliating tenure in the Big Apple.

New Jets general manager John Idzik is clearly set on revamping the Jets’ embarrassing reputation that’s been built over the past two seasons as the decision to release Tebow comes less than a week after New York traded Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, ridding themselves of the first distraction.

Now that Tebow is gone, Mark Sanchez will have a three-way battle with Smith and Greg McElroy for the starting job, although Smith is almost certain to win it, regardless of whether he’s the best man for it. He may not have been a first-round pick, but Smith is a big name and is sure to sell tickets. But then again, isn’t that why the Jets brought in Tebow in the first place?

Of course, one of the three acts in this circus still remains in New York: head coach Rex Ryan, who was told he would keep his job before Idzik was hired. That’s certainly not an ideal way to do business, but the Jets haven’t exactly been smart with their decisions over the past few seasons, so what did you expect?

Now the speculation begins as to where Tebow will land. What’s your guess? Comment below and let us know!