Review of the 2013 NFL Draft

This may have been the most bizarre NFL Drafts in recent memory. From the players who were way over drafted to the quarterbacks who tumbled to the man with the fake girlfriend, all of the NFL hopefuls now have a team to call their own, but the path to the pros wasn’t easy for some of them.

This time last year, Matt Barkley was a surefire top-10 pick, but he ended up going to the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth round on Saturday. Talk about a bad day. Geno Smith didn’t fall as far, but he wasn’t expecting to go the New York Jets in the second round. Oh well, at least he wont have much competition for the starting job.

The Arizona Cardinals took a gamble on Tyrann Mathieu, who reportedly set off a smoke alarm in the green room just by standing too close. Okay, not really, but the guy is the epitome of a high-risk/high-reward pick for Arizona.

The San Diego Chargers traded up to take Manti Te’o in the second round, so now he’s a little closer to home if Hawaii is truly his home. There’s been no word as to whether his girlfriend who may or may not exist will join him there since she’s supposedly from Stanford, but that’s still up in the air.

And finally, the big one: the Buffalo Bills took EJ Manuel as the first quarterback in the draft. So who knows which of these “big-name” players will actually pan out in the NFL, if any of them.

What do you think about this crazy draft? Are you happy with the players your team drafted? Comment below and let us know!