Fast Pitch: Erin Calipari Fires Shot, LeBron James No. 2, Tim Tebow's Fast Food Chain

Here’s the latest edition of Fast Pitch for April 30, 2013:

Tim Tebow Reportedly Opening Chicken Franchise in Jacksonville

Since he may have some free time while trying to find a job following his release from the New York Jets, it appears Tim Tebow is willing to give it a shot with a different career–a chick sandwich franchise. That’s right, Tebow is partnering with PDQ (People Dedicated to Quality) and word on the street is he has plans of opening up a franchise down in Jacksonville.

What would be even more of a coincidence–if the Jacksonville Jaguars changed their minds and expressed interest in landing the quarterback.

High School Basketball Legend Lenny Cooke Promoting New Documentary

Remember Lenny Cooke? In case you don’t remember, Cooke was the high school basketball star that decided to skip college and enter the 2012 NBA Draft–but ended up going undrafted. Now, Cooke is promoting his new documentary and from the standpoint of a professional athlete, this is certainly one of the more interesting stories to keep an eye on considering how many opportunities he received over the years.

John Calipari’s Daughter, Erin, Takes Shot at Rick Pitino Over Louisville Tattoo

For starters, did anyone realize John Calipari had a daughter? Apparently, Erin Calipari was having an exchange of words with Louisville fans on Twitter and decided to take a shot at Rick Pitino by poking fun at his back tattoo. If you recall, Pitino recently got a tattoo on his back as part of a bet with his players if they won the National Championship–which seems like it was worth it for the head coach.