Fast Pitch: Tebow Offered Again, Hamilton Heckled With Butterfingers, Blackhawks' Odd Success Formula

Tim Tebow Offered Job by Indoor Football Team, Insulted by Its QB

The job offers just continue to come out for Tim Tebow following his release from the New York Jets as he’s now been offered a gig from the Omaha Beef of the Champions Professional Indoor Football league to be one of their players. What’s even better about the deal–it pays $75 per game. 

Come on Tebow, how could you turn down a deal like that? Not to mention the team’s current quarterback, James McNear, believes Tebow could learn a lot from him–which is hysterical.

Oakland A’s Fans Heckle Josh Hamilton With Butterfingers

This season has certainly been a rough one for Josh Hamilton as he’s been struggling during his first season with the Los Angeles Angels. To make things even more frustrating for Hamilton, he had to deal with Oakland A’s fans throwing Butterfingers his way on Monday during batting practice.

If you recall, Hamilton dropped a routine fly ball last year while with the Texas Rangers that played a key role in helping the A’s capture the AL West title–hence the Butterfingers.

Chicago Blackhawks Success Due to “Tremendous Amount of Sex”

It’s always funny to see sportscasters slip when live on the air and unfortunately for CSN’s Susannah Collins–she became the latest victim during a broadcast of the Chicago Blackhawks game on Tuesday when she said the team had a tremendous amount of “sex” instead of success by accident. On the bright side, at least she’s able to laugh over the matter and seemed to fix her mistake pretty quick after it happened.