PGA Decides Using Deer Antler Spray Is Okay, Vijay Singh Won't be Suspended

Vijay Singh owes Ray Lewis a steak dinner. Four months after Lewis was accused of using deer antler spray, Singh has been cleared by the World Anti-Doping Agency for using the same substance, which is now no longer banned in golf.

Singh admitted to using deer antler spray earlier this year, but the PGA Tour is not disciplining him at all because basically, they think it’s okay. The WADA did some tests on deer antler spray and concluded that it’s no longer prohibited unless a player tests positive for a banned substance because of it. The difference is important because the PGA Tour treats an admission just like a positive test result, but Singh is now off the hook as his case has been dropped from his February sanction.

Clearly, the sports world now has bad guys who take things besides steroids. Seriously, how many people even knew that deer antler spray existed before Lewis was accused of using it?  And unless Singh comes out hitting 500-yard drives, who cares if he used it? The man is 50 years old and just trying to add a few more trophies to his case that already contains three major win and 34 tour victories. Lay off the guy and off the ridiculous “substances” like deer antler spray.