Chicago Cubs Could Ruin History by Leaving Wrigley Field

A 6,000-square-foot video board may be the deciding factor whether a baseball team leaves it’s almost-century-old home.
Chicago Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts gave an ultimatum on Wednesday: he will consider relocating the Cubs if the video board is not added to Wrigley Field.
So what’s the big deal? Add the video board and move on, right? Well, here’s the conflict: there are buildings that stand over the left and right field walls of the stadium, and those buildings offer rooftop seating. For the building owners, these seats provide a huge chunk of change that will be lost if the rooftop views are obstructed by this new video board.
But this is not a priority for Ricketts because losing those seats does not effect the Cubs financially. He told ESPN, “All we really need is to be able to run our business like a business and not a museum.”
The stadium does need a little — okay, A LOT — of work and updates, but that’s part of the draw: the history. Even Chicago White Sox fans will admit that Cubs games are fun, and those rooftop seats are great for parties and to experience a bit of Chicago. If those fun experiences are taken away, then the mystique that draws cause baseball fans to Cubs games will be no more.
Ricketts seems pretty set on getting this video board, and may move the Cubs to Rosemont, Illi., near O’Hare International Airport, if it doesn’t happen.
What do you think? Is a 6,000-square-foot video board important enough to move a team from its legendary home? Comment below and let us know!