Floyd Mayweather Jr. Easily Beats Robert Guerrero, Breaks Money Record

Floyd Mayweather Jr. made it look easy when he beat Robert Guerrero and cemented his infamous nickname “Money.” Even after all the fireworks caused by Guerrero’s father in the pre-fight news conference, Mayweather cruised to a unanimous 12 decision, which means he still undefeated.

You may remember the hilarious outburst from Guerrero’s father at the news conference, during which he called Mayweather Jr. “a woman beater” and then challenged Floyd Mayweather Sr. to a side fight after saying that Mayweather Jr. must have learned his domestic violence habits from his father.

What Guerrero’s father apparently didn’t know at the time of the news conference was that Mayweather was already going to set the single-fight money record before the bout even began. Mayweather collected $32 million for the fight, an amount he would’ve won regardless of the outcome. That tops the $30 million Mike Tyson earned for biting off of Evander Holyfield‘s ear back in 1997.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, there was no father fight beside the ring. But based on what happened in the ring, Mayweather Sr. likely would’ve put an end to Ruben Guerrero‘s trash talking days.

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