Carrie Underwood Replacing Faith Hill on Sunday Night Football

Faith Hill has performed her last intro to Sunday Night Football, but now Carrie Underwood is reportedly taking her place. The former American Idol winner will sing at the beginning of every NFL broadcast on NBC this fall and you can bet her performances will be just as entertaining as Hill’s.

After all, Underwood is considered “the next Faith Hill” with a little more attitude and at 15 years younger, who’s complaining? This is the girl who reportedly has an insurance policy on her legs, so that should tell you something, even if you haven’t seen them. And if you haven’t seen them, here’s a sneak peak ->

I know, right?

Our very own Dan Parzych recently made a slide show of the 10 top replacements for Hill and Underwood topped the list. Contrary to popular belief, ole Dan knows a thing or two.

A lot of folks wanted a non-country singer as Hill’s replacement (other than Underwood, Beyonce was a popular choice), but how could anyone be upset with Underwood as the new intro girl? Let’s be real — the guys watching her sing on Sunday Night Football won’t be listening anyway.

So what do you think? Was Underwood the best replacement for Hill? Comment below…