Fast Pitch: TV Commercial for Tebow, Treadmill Dancing, Bulls Billboard

An attorney is taking his obsession into a commercial campaign. That obsession is Tim Tebow, and the sell is to convince the Jacksonville Jaguars to sign him. You gotta see this ad, so be sure to read Dan Parzych‘s article, which includes the video.
After you’ve chuckled at that, you’ll have to take a look at a hilarious billboard that plays on Nate Robinson‘s height. Nate, you’ve proven that size doesn’t matter, and hopefully will find humor in this billboard that Connor Muldowney has posted in the Clubhouse section.
Lastly, a video that strikes envy into my heart: something I have always thought about doing but feared to actually execute it: treadmill dancing. One man NAILS it! He’s like… an elegant ballerina… amongst meatheads and fitness freaks. Dan pulled through again with this video, so check out his article.
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