Landon Donovan Foolishly Left Off USA National Soccer Team for World Cup Qualifiers

Soccer in the United States of America is less popular than taxes — okay not really, but the desire to watch Futbol in the states is dwindling by the day. Landon Donovan and David Beckham are the two superstars who are most notable across the country, however one of them recently got the boot from the American roster and will not be in action for the World Cup Qualifiers.

Donovan is an L.A Galaxy mainstay and leads all of U.S. players with 49 goals in 144 international games. In recent years, this club has been laughable without any sort of direction or success on the field, so the decision to leave Donovan off the roster is just another notch of stupidity. At 31 years old, the tread on the tires is definitely getting thin, yet the experience that this guy brings to the field is second to none.

This move was made directly by U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann and considering he is already on the hot seat this move means his time is almost up.

When camp begins on May 21st Donovan will not be in uniform for the Americans, which means the Galaxy star can go on another excursion away from the game of soccer — from January to March of this year Donovan did not pick up a soccer ball with a 10-day trip to Cambodia also included in the trip.

Best-case scenario for this soccer star is that someone goes down with injury during preliminary practices for the World Cup Qualifiers, so that Klinsmann will have no other choice but to reel in the MLS stud.