Fast Pitch: Dancing Rays, New Rutgers AD, Giants' Free Money

When it comes to humor, the Tampa Bay Rays skipper, Joe Maddon, has it in the bag. He has some eccentric happening in the Rays’ clubhouse, but to see some examples and a video you’ll have to vist our Clubhouse and check out Devin O’Barr‘s article.
Rutgers University has a lot of needed repair work in its athletic program, and a new athletic director has been assigned to take on the task. If you want to know who has stepped up to the challenge, or maybe you need the story on Rutgers, Paul Seaver has an article for you in the Clubhouse section.
Have you ever been overpaid? Is there such a thing?! Well San Fransisco Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt not only received too much on his paycheck, but it was half a million dollars! So, what did he do? You know where you have to go to read Shannon Smallwood‘s article.
If you want to read these articles in their entirety, head over to the Clubhouse section, and see what other stories are there as well!