Rant Off: Debating Michael Jordan, LeBron James For Greatest Player of All Time

When it comes to sports debates, one of the ones that doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon involves who is the better player–Michael Jordan or LeBron James

Even if it is still too early in King James’ career, this debate just always seems to go back and fourth as there’s no question these two stars are two of the greatest to ever play the game. At this point, Jordan appears to have the advantage over James considering he managed to win all six NBA Finals he appeared in during the 90’s as a member of the Chicago Bulls while James has only won once in three appearances–which happened to come last year with the Miami Heat.

There’s no question both Jordan and James are two of the top scorers of all time, but it’s their other areas of strengths that may set them apart in this debate. Both Jordan and James have established quite the reputation for their ability to play defense as Jordan was named to the All NBA Defensive First Team nine teams in his career and James currently sits at five.

Luckily for James–he has plenty of time to move ahead of Jordan throughout the rest of his career.

This debate always seems like one that could go on for days and fans may not be able to settle it until James does decide to officially call it a career down the road. Either way, both players make a strong case–so be sure to let us know below whether you think Jordan or James deserves to be crowned as the better player.

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