Ranter X: Why Can't Titus Young Stay Out of Trouble?

Unfortunately, professional athletes finding themselves in trouble with the law seems like it will always be a popular trend and one of the latest victims happens to be former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young.

The wideout made headlines last week after he was arrested for DUI followed by an attempt to steal his towed car back shortly afterwards, but that’s just the beginning of it. A few days later, Young was arrested again for suspicion of burglary along with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest–which brings us to the latest story of the Young saga.

On Wednesday, Young was charged for felony theft from an incident that took place on May 4 in which he stole a bottle of water and candy from a Chevron–which is nothing short of ridiculous. For a professional athlete that most likely still has plenty of money from his brief period in the pros, Young could have easily paid for these materials instead of getting caught in robbery.

It’s one thing for an individual to run into trouble with the law once or twice over their life span, but the fact that Young has been involved with four incidents in nine days is just embarrassing. Clearly, Young is in need of some serious help and let’s hope he’s smart enough to realize that.

Otherwise, there’s the risk of Young running into even more trouble with the law down the road–which is the last thing anyone wants to see happen.

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