David Beckham's Retirement Isn't the End of His Fame, Influence

One of the most famous athletes in the world, David Beckham, will retire from soccer. He won the league title this season, with Paris Saint Germain, and after the final two games, he’s done. He said,

“It’s a good way to go out. It’s every athlete’s dream, every footballer’s dream to go out on the top — on top form or winning a trophy…leaving as a champion.”

Although he never lifted the World Cup, he did lift 19 trophies in two different continents, and his career also includes winning over 100 caps for England. One of his earliest defining plays was in 1996, when scored from the halfway line, over Wimbledon’s goalkeeper, and into the net.

In addition to a soccer star, Beckham himself is a brand: inspiring fashion, movies, and well, envy. His celebrity marriage, rugged good looks, and apparel all contributed to his fame and success.

Although he is not necessarily the greatest player to grace the game, he is certainly the most recognizable athlete in the world, with associations such as Adidas, Motorola, and Giorgio Armani, just to name a few, and contributing to his net worth of $300 million.

And as long as he keeps endorsing, and posing, for underwear, this chick will not be busting out the violins anytime soon. But there is no question about Beckham’s impact in the sports world and in our society, and it’s unlikely that Beckham’s presence will retire along with the pitch. We wish him the best.