Dwayne Bowe Setting Kansas City Chiefs Up For Failure With Idiotic Predictions

It seems like whenever the NFL season gets a little dull there is always a less-than-intelligent player or coach who makes an outlandish prediction or two. After an abysmal 2-14 season the Kansas City Chiefs are the last team that should have high expectations, yet Dwayne Bowe is responsible for setting the bar incredibly high.

Bowe said Wednesday that he’s going to lead the league in touchdowns and receptions in 2013. Just in case you’re unaware of Bowe — don’t feel bad; he’s pretty forgetful — the Chiefs’ wideout has only caught more than 10 touchdowns once in his career. In addition, Bowe has never led the league in receptions in six seasons.

While his predictions are surely out of left field, perhaps Bowe is just trying to set his expectations higher considering he signed a five-year, $56 million extension with the Chiefs this offseason. If Bowe wanted to do more for his team in 2013 then all he had to do was say that he is putting in a lot of extra work, but instead he becomes the laughing stock of the NFL for at least another week.

Just ask Rex Ryan of the New York Jets — making predictions in May is not only useless, but it also puts unwanted pressure on a new regime. With that being said, Chiefs fans should be excited about the direction that they are heading with Alex Smith now under center and Jamal Charles in the backfield; they are surely better than they were last year. Unfortunately, the buzz around training camp will involve Bowe’s big mouth and not the increased productivity we can expect from Kansas City.