Boston Bruins Take 2-0 Lead as Stanley Cup Playoffs Continue To Amaze

For the second year in a row I have found myself more interested by the Stanley Cup Playoffs than I have been entertained by the NBA Playoffs. Perhaps, the most competitive exhibition in all sports, the gritty and nasty series on the ice in 2013 are captivating millions.

Both of the number one seeds are still above water, and after a convincing first two wins the Pittsburgh Penguins could be looking at a series split come Wednesday night. All postseason long I have called the Pens overrated — after notching just one goal against Ottawa Senators goaltender Craig Anderson I looked rather sharp. Senators faithful were screaming “Andy, Andy, Andy” at the top of lung their lungs when Anderson halted 49 would-be Pittsburgh goals.

After a regular season full of ups and downs, the Boston Bruins seemed to have caught their stride. All Boston Marathon distractions aside, the Bruins have remained incredibly physical on the ice and defenseman Zdeno Chara is a big reason why — Chara had this wonderful bit of insight after Sunday’s game:

“Some games you’re going to get more goals, some maybe less.”

If that isn’t classic commentary from a hockey player then I don’t know what is.

Even Chara could tell you how riveting these playoffs have been, so you have no excuse not to tune in when the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings do battle on Monday. Detroit shocked the world by snagging a victory in the United Center on Saturday, yet the bigger challenge of keeping the train going is on the horizon.