Fast Pitch: Bad Jump Ball, Dwyane Wade's Kindness, Skylar Diggins' Formula

2013 NBA Playoffs: Official Performs Terrible Jump Ball in Game 6 Between New York Knicks and Indiana Pacers

Do you ever wonder how NBA refs always toss perfect jump balls? Well, they are no longer 100% after Ken Mauer flubbed one in the second quarter of the Indiana Pacers‘ Game 6 win over the New York Knicks. To see it and the ironic outcome, check out Dan Parzych‘s article in the Clubhouse section.

Miami Heat Star Dwyane Wade Takes High School Girl to Prom on Night Off

You might hate the Miami Heat like 30% of all Americans, but you can’t hate Dwyane Wade after his latest act of kindness. To see just what he did, check out Connor Muldowney‘s article in the Clubhouse section.

Skylar Diggins Learns Valuable Formula: Nude Photos Plus Jay-Z Equals Mercedes

Skylar Diggins is the next big thing in women’s basketball, but she’s had an unusual formula for success. To find out what happened in her controversial young career, check out Ryan Heckman‘s article in the Clubhouse section.