NFL Moving Draft Date Isn't Only Planned Change

From the time the Super Bowl ends each year, does it seem like forever before the NFL Draft finally rolls around? Well, that wait could get even longer as early as 2015. The NFL and the NFL Players Association are close to reaching a deal that would move the annual draft from late April to early May, essentially bumping it back a week or two each year. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the tentative dates for the 2015 NFL Draft are May 7-9 and then May 5-7 for the 2016 NFL Draft.

That change doesn’t seem extremely monumental, but the fine print holds the key. If passed, this deal will also move the start of the league year up to before the combine, meaning free agency would start sooner. So now teams will have a lot longer to sign free agents before the draft, meaning they’ll know their exact needs before the event rolls around.

Now NFL commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t need the NFLPA’s official approval to move the start of the league year, but he would like its blessing, hence the contingency on the “deal.”

Obviously, not everyone is on board with the new plan, so we want to know what you think. Comment below and let us know!