USGA Bans Anchor Putting For 2016 After Years of Annoyance

Every time I tune into a round of golf I am immediately reminded of just how awkward and out-of-place those anchor putters are. Not only are they an eye sore, the way that golfers use them is incredibly wimpy. Luckily, the PGA has listened to voiced complaints and will ban anchor putters starting in 2016.

The most complex part about the United States Golf Association banning this approach is that it has been so helpful to golfers. For example, three of the last five Major Champions have own used this method in route to winning — Keegan Bradely, Webb Simpson and Ernie Els all have been called cheaters for this action.

Obviously, the ban is coming in 2016, so those three men are not cheaters despite even Tiger Woods calling them out for the rather childish way to attack a golf ball. Either way, I agree with Tiger that anchoring the club with your chest and or stomach is not the right way to play the sport.

While finesse is a rather important skill to have, manipulating the club is far easier than taking the club and swinging it naturally. On one hand, I applaud the innovation of these golfers, yet the action itslef is wimpy to say the least. Fortunately, the ban will not be affective until for three more years, so younger golfers using this approach can alter their games if indeed they hope to reach the professional ranks.

Woods has been noted as someone who agrees with the ban, but the reaction across the sport is going to interesting to watch as we move forward.