Fast Pitch: Top NBA Nicknames, Houston Astros' Snow Cone Vendor, Chuck Norris Supports Tim Tebow

Here’s the latest edition of Fast Pitch for May 24, 2013:

Top 10 Nicknames in NBA History

When it comes to being a professional athlete, a nickname is usually earned, not given–whether it’s a good or bad thing. From Karl Malone being known as “The Mailman” to LeBron James earning the title of “King James” since his early days in the league, we conducted a list of the top 10 nicknames in NBA history–so be sure to head over to the Clubhouse and check out the article!

Houston Astros’ Snow Cone Vendor Fired Amid Public Outcry For Bringing Tray Into Toilet Stall

A warning to those who haven’t heard about this story yet–you may never want to eat a snow cone at a ballpark (or anywhere) ever again. A snow cone vendor of the Houston Astros was recently fired after he was caught bringing the snow cones he was selling into a stall so he could go to the bathroom in the middle of a game.

Come on man–did you really think this was a good idea and you wouldn’t get caught? Thank goodness this individual was caught before he could begin selling the snow cones again.

Chuck Norris Comes out in Strong Support of Tim Tebow Thank Goodness

If Chuck Norris tells the Jacksonville Jaguars to do something, they may want to strongly consider listening to his advice.

Norris is the latest to express his opinion on Tim Tebow‘s situation–saying the Jaguars should strongly consider signing the quarterback for the 2013 season. Jacksonville has made it clear numerous times they’re not interested in bringing Tebow on board, but now that Norris has gone out of his way to recommend it–maybe they will reconsider their decision.