Michael Jordan's Scouting Report On LeBron James Couldn't Be More Wrong

Despite his unsuccessful stint as the Charlotte Bobcats owner, Michael Jordan is showing once again that he really has no idea what he’s doing assessing talent. MJ is learning that just because he was the best to ever step on the hardwood doesn’t mean he can critique talent and current players.

Around his 50th birthday Jordan was interviewed by a plethora of outlets, so it was inevitable that he would open his mouth about something. Rather than take a shot at Kobe Bryant like he’s done in the past, Jordan decided to jab LeBron James for supposedly not being able to effectively use his left hand. Jordan said, “I’m gonna push him left so nine times out of 10, he’s gonna shoot a jump shot,” when talking about which defensive strategies work best against the NBA‘s MVP.

At the time, many agreed with Jordan, but after the game-winning left-handed layup that LeBron nailed versus the Indiana Pacers in Game 1, those critics have coincidentally gone quiet.

Without the spotlight on him anymore, “His Airness” finds it necessary to have beef with current superstars just to remind us all that he is indeed top dog. I usually defend Jordan in just about everything, but it’s hard to take No. 23’s side when his assessment of LeBron’s game was thoroughly thrown back in MJ’s face.

Doubting LeBron at this point is idiotic to say the least — funny to think how vast the No. 6 bandwagon has gotten, although he was one of the most hated athletes two years ago. Winning does cure all, but I guarantee that next year Jordan will have a revamped way to bring down the one Miami Heat player who can rival Jordan’s greatness.