Tim Tebow's Name Used In Recent Lawsuit Involving EA Sports

With wins and awards being vacated left and right, College Football is already sketchy and now their greedy ways are spilling over into the world of video games.

EA Sports is responsible for the Madden and NCAA Football games — both of which are focused on realistic football play and players.

My issue with the NCAA Football game is that it uses an insane amount of detail to describe collegiate players that aren’t allowed to profit from the game. Despite the millions of dollars that the game generates, EA Sports executives have managed to give these college kids the shaft by refusing to pay them and refer to the star athletes via their number instead of their name.

Luckily, the game company made a catastrophic mistake while making the NCAA Football 10 game as they labeled one formation with the Florida Gators “Shotgun Twin QB Tebow” after former Gators quarterback Tim Tebow.

Unable to use the players’ actual names, this move has cost the company a lawsuit as they are getting sued by former UCLA Bruins basketball player Ed O’Bannon. I commend O’Bannon for his efforts because the profit that the companies make off of these players is disgusting — the least they could do is give the players they use some cash. How would you like it if someone used your exact body traits and jersey, but refused to show you any of the money that your skills have brought to the table?

Hopefully this lawsuit opens the eyes of many who still think that student athletes should get a cut of the revenue that they generate to the state and the school by playing each Saturday.