Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tulsa Raising Funds for Tornado Relief

The major private school in Oklahoma — Tulsa — and the two major state universities — Oklahoma and Oklahoma State — are usually not fond of one another, especially when it comes to college sports, but after this week’s tragedy in Oklahoma City, these universities have put their on-field rivalries aside, and have come together to raise funds for all those affected by the tornadoes that wiped out towns like Moore, Oklahoma.

The schools have put their heads together to create a t-shirt to sell and all of the proceeds will go to the United Way in hopes of aiding those who lost their homes and/or places of employment during the disaster. The shirt features all three of the schools’ logos, and the “OKTogether” slogan.

You know, sports can sometimes bring out the worst in people, but in cases like this, sports can also be the reason a family gets its home back. Huge kudos to the Sooners, Cowboys and the Golden Hurricane for reminding us that sports are more than just games, and that there are bigger things in life.

Rant Media Network is not affiliated with either of these universities and does not receive any proceeds from this generous movement. Rant Sports encourages everyone to purchase one of these shirts to help aid those who were affected by the tornadoes. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.