Cincinnati Bearcats Baseball Team Can Photobomb Better Than Anyone

Most sports fans couldn’t care less about collegiate baseball. Even when the College Baseball World Series rolls around the sporting world usually finds other things to focus on — you must admit the “ping” of the metal bats gets annoying after a while anyway.

Either way, the Cincinnati Bearcats were hardly relevant in 2013 with a mediocre 24-32 record. However, they have captivated millions with their antics in the otherwise monotonous postgame interviews. After every game the Bearcats reporter held a microphone to one player hoping to get a noteworthy sound bite. Instead, the Bearcats players decided to photobomb whoever was being questioned after the game.

For those of you unfamiliar with photobombing, where have you been?!

The current fad is to sneak behind someone who is either in a photo or video and make a fool of yourself in the background. Surely, it’s not the most complex of pranks, but the Bearcats baseball team turned it into a spectacle. The Miami Heat have done this too, but they usually make a funny face or do something silly — the Bearcats took it a step further and portrayed bogus scenarios behind the camera.

It’s unclear if the interviewer and interviewee know what’s going on behind them, so if the two are indeed oblivious to the antics then that’s even funnier. Look for this viral video to get even more famous as the days wear on because the creativity shown by these student athletes is second to none. When you have a baseball team that rarely is atop the standings, then why not have some fun with the postgame interviews?