Matt Garza, Johnny Cueto Will Never Box

Matt Garza isn’t backing down in his verbal onslaught of Johnny Cueto after the Cincinnati Reds‘ pitcher threw over the head of David DeJesus and now Cincy skipper Dusty Baker is getting involved. After Garza said he would “stop” Cueto from throwing at DeJesus’ head, Baker basically told the Cubs’ pitcher to put up or shut up.

Baker said Garza and Cueto should just box and get it over with and then went on to say that baseball should take a page from hockey’s book and let players fight. So first we have the one extreme in which Zack Greinke gets hurt during a senseless brawl and now members of MLB authority are encouraging fights over stuff as moronic as this? C’mon, man.

But it’s fun to play hypotheticals with this stuff, right?

Now Cueto and Garza weigh the same, but the Cubs’ ace is five inches taller, so he’s got the reach. Don’t bet on these two actually duking it out anytime soon, but it will be interesting to watch when these two teams play again.

So who’s your pick? If Cueto and Garza were to box, who’s your money on? Comment below and let us know!