Keyshawn Johnson Chases Down Justin Bieber, Eric Dickerson Chimes In

On Monday, Justin Bieber allegedly zoomed past Keyshawn Johnson on the road and the former NFL wideout tracked down the pop star and proceeded to scold him about his driving. Reports say Johnson blocked Bieber’s Ferrari in the singer’s driveway, but the Beibs wouldn’t come out of his house.

Of course, other reports are saying it wasn’t Bieber behind the wheel of the Ferrari at all, but Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson lives in the same town (Calabasas, Calif.) and tweeted to Bieber about slowing down and watching the speed limits in neighborhoods where kids play.

Now since he started driving, Bieber has been known as a speedster, especially because he drives suped-up, incredibly fast cars like Ferraris, so it’s not surprising that he was accused of racing through Calabasas. And if his parents and/or PR team aren’t going to tell him to slow down, then Dickerson has a right to protect the children, right? As for Keyshawn, he’s just a hothead, so his motives are always questionable.

So what do you think? Do these former NFL stars have  legitimate beef with the Beibs? Comment below and let us know!