Maurice Jones-Drew Knocks Out Security Guard, Not Charged With Battery

Everybody knows Maurice Jones-Drew is a swole dude, but dang! Rumor has it he knocked out a security guard with one punch. Boxing folks and Aaron Rodgers better watch out! MJD is gunnin’ for the championship belt!

Seriously, though, the original report stated Jones-Drew was charged with battery for TKO’ing the security guard at Conch House Restaurant and Marina in Jacksonville, but a new report says he wasn’t charged. In fact, Jones-Drew’s agent says he “exited the premises” as soon as the scuffle broke out, but the Florida Times-Union says when the security guard put his friend in a head lock, MJD knocked him out cold.

After a holdout in 2012 and a career-best season the year before, Jones-Drew battled through injuries to play in just six games, so he’s not exactly in great shape (physically and mentally) heading into the final year of his contract. The Jacksonville Jaguars don’t have any other stars, but team owner Shahid Khan isn’t going to give Jones-Drew a nice new contract if he’s not healthy and not in good graces with the law.

So what’s the truth? Did Pocket Hercules pull a Mike Tyson on the security guard or is this all rubbish? Do you think the Jaguars should extend Jones-Drew’s contract regardless? Comment below…