Nick Saban Finally Makes Sense: SEC Must Adopt 9-Game Schedule

The amount of gluttony that exists within the powers that be in college football is disgusting, so when news broke of a possible nine-game schedule for the SEC, I wasn’t surprised in the least.

After pondering, the powerhouse conference really has no reason not to expand considering there are a few other conferences that do play nine games rather than eight. For instance, both the PAC-12 and the BIG 12 feature eight-game seasons.

Now, everyone involved in the possible expansion has shot down the possibility, but Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide is defending the leap to nine games.

Whenever Saban opens his mouth almost all of us see the greed flowing from his face. However, this time the Tide’s ringmaster is actually making some sense. Trying to convince the other meat-headed SEC coaches will surely be an uphill battle, meaning this conversation is far from over.

Any college football fan will tell you that the level of play in the SEC is far and away better than any other conference in terms of likeness to the NFL. If you don’t believe me, the SEC is responsible for the last seven BCS National Championships with Saban’s club winning three of them. The NFL Draft is littered with prospects from this conference each and every season, so why not give us one more week of fierce competition?

It won’t be long until Saban makes another greedy remark, but his stance to migrate to a nine-game season should be commended, not bashed.