United States Congress Making it Hard For Washington Redskins To Keep Nickname

Ripping Washington D.C. of its famous “Redskins” nickname is like taking the Cowboys out of Dallas and then renaming them the Dallas Sheriffs. Sure, the change might satisfy the radical groups who love to rain on parades, but dropping Redskins should not be in the plans of perhaps the most popular NFL team.

Unfortunately, the radical groups are not the only ones who are on the case of Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Ten members of the United States Congress have reached out to Snyder just to inform him that Native Americans across the nation are in outrage over the alleged discriminatory name. However, many Native Americans petitioned for Washington to use to historic Redskins nickname in the first place.

Less than one month ago, a poll revealed that 80% of Americans think the Redskins should keep their nickname.

Given the 81 years of history that the name carries, the Redskins faithful have every reason to be irate with nearly a dozen senators reaching out to the organization. When looking at any of the many Native American-related sports teams, the initial thought about the majestic culture is positive, so why is there an incredible amount of animosity toward this successful organization?

The Atlanta Braves in MLB have not crippled the Native American culture in anyway by being so darn successful. The National debt should take precedence over a sports team name either way . I understand that everyone has a right to speak out, but there are definitely bigger fish to fry in the United States.