Gordon Gee's Insults to Notre Dame, Others Need to be Stopped

Unless you’re an Ohio State fan, you don’t like Buckeyes president Gordon Gee. He redefines the word arrogant and often speaks without thinking.

From a recording of a meeting at which he spoke, Gee took a shot at Notre Dame for not joining the Big Ten, saying “you can’t trust those damn Catholics.” He then said Catholics are “holy on Sunday and then they’re holy hell the rest of the week.”

If that wasn’t enough, he then took a shot at Louisville, saying the goal of Big Ten presidents is to “make certain that we have institutions of like-minded academic integrity. So you won’t see us adding Louisville.”

Gee then jabbed at the entire SEC conference, which has produced the last seven BCS National Champions:

“You tell the SEC when they can learn to read and write, then they can figure out what we’re doing.”

Sure, Gee released an apologetic statement that was likely forced and written by a PR firm, but that certainly doesn’t make it right.

The Buckeyes have one of the greatest athletic programs in the history of college sports, but this Gee guy has got to go. He’s almost 70 and dude is clearly missing a few marbles because these are just the latest in a long line of insults he’s dished out over the years. And if “history” is any indicator, they won’t be the last.