NCAA Sanctioning Portland University Golfer for Car Wash is Beyond Ridiculous

The NCAA is at it again…being absolutely nit-pickingly strict, that is. The latest? They have sanctioned a Portland University female golfer for…


I wish I was joking. But the only joke here is this organization.

According to the ever-so-tight NCAA rules, it isillegal for a student athlete to “use a school’s utlities for the athlete’s personal gain.”

Portland self-reported this incident in efforts to avoid a complete tantrum from the NCAA; otherwise it’s quite possible that they’d transform this minor violation into a catastrophic event.

Upon learning of the “incident,” the NCAA demanded that the golfer reimburse the university $20 for the cost of water since this hose is not available to the average student and therefore…


What’s next, bagel spread violations? What do you think of the NCAA antics? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Also, check out Kris Hughes’ article on the subject, which is sure to keep you rolling:

Portland University Golfer Earns NCAA Sanction For Washing Her Car