Travis Wood Hits Grand Slam; What's His Future With the Chicago Cubs?

When dealing with a team like the Chicago Cubs, you know that disappointment is one word that is bound to come up in conversation. With that being said, the Cubs had a pleasant surprise on Thursday when pitcher Travis Wood hit his second home run of the season. Make no mistake, this was no wimpy solo shot — Wood cleared the fence with a grand slam versus the crosstown rival Chicago White Sox.

The front office for the Cubs is working in the right direction, yet they have a decision to make on what to do with Wood. He has arguably been the Cubs’ best starter with a 2.75 ERA and a 6-3 record for a team that isn’t exactly reeling in the wins.

At 26 years old, the left-hander appears to be hitting his stride, but the Cubs have to keep in mind that this team is at least a few years away from contending for a World Series title. Wood is arbitration-eligible after this season, so Chicago must make a decision on his contract sooner rather than later. MLB teams far and wide will be inquiring about the services of Wood as the trade deadline nears and I look at a team like the Baltimore Orioles, who are in desperate need of one more arm to solidify their stake in the tough AL East.

In the grand scheme of things, a Wood grand slam versus a rival like the White Sox is trivial as the trade stock of the slugging pitcher remains the most important factor.