Alexis Wright Gets Slammed For Turning Zumba Studio Into Brothel

Rarely does a noteworthy story come out of Alfred, Maine, so when news of a Zumba instructor conducting a prostitution ring broke, the entire town freaked.

Alexis Wright was sentenced under a plea agreement on 20 counts including prostitution, tax evasion, conspiracy and others. The laundry list of wrongdoings has landed Wright a 10-month stint in jail where she will be unable to do her beloved Zumba.

It’s people like Wright who should be blamed for the obesity in America, right? Who wants to join a Zumba club when the instructors are being accused of working with an insurance business owner to fund a prostitution business where she videotaped clients without their knowledge?

The life story for Wright is rather saddening considering she witnessed domestic violence and was a victim of sexual abuse throughout her childhood. Unfortunately, this is a pattern with prostitutes and the nationwide issue seems to get bigger and bigger as time goes on.

Reports have surfaced that Wright entertained over 150 clients while running this disgusting business — a minister, high school hockey coach and an ex-mayor have all been linked to Wright. Of the 150, only 68 of the accused clients have been charged and more than half have been convicted on charges related to prostitution.

Wright claims that the leader of this whole chaotic mess is Mark Strong who, at 57 years old, was the Zumba instructor’s business partner. Time will tell if indeed Strong deserves the “bad guy” label, because when the courtroom’s spotlights get bright folks like Wright often find a way to point the finger in the wrong direction.

With that being said, a cold jail cell should give Wright some time to think about her actions and pick up another Zumba trick or two.