Heat vs. Pacers NBA Playoffs 2013 Game 7 Preview

Remember that incredible third-quarter performance by LeBron James in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals? Well, the Indiana Pacers proved they’re capable of the same as a team in Game 6 and now they’re taking their talents to South Beach for a winner-take-all Game 7. Yeah, LeBron outscored the entire Indiana team in the third quarter in Game 5, but the Pacers put on a clinic on both ends of the floor in Game 6 and now, although the game is in South Beach, all the pressure is on the Miami Heat.

Look, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are hurtin’ right now and the Pacers have figured out how to stop LeBron’s one-man show. Yeah, yeah, he’s the King and all that, but even Jordan couldn’t get through a Detroit Pistons team without a little help. All that talk about Game 5 reminding LeBron of his Cleveland days was not a good thing and now the world is witnessing (pun definitely intended) James struggling to carry an entire team single-handedly.

So now the Pacers are marching into South Beach on a mission and the Heat players have their backs against the wall. Or should we say LeBron has his back against a wall since he’s apparently the only player on Miami’s roster these days? Let’s just say home court advantage probably isn’t going to do the trick this time.