Roy Hibbert's Profanity, Gay Slur Came Out of Left Field

The Indiana Pacers played a superb game on Saturday night and beat the Miami Heat to force Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals. Not only that, but Indiana has Miami on the ropes now with one game to go before the 2013 NBA Finals. So why in the world is Roy Hibbert acting crazy after the biggest game of his life?!

The Pacers’ big man got fined $75,000 for a homophobic slur and using the f-word during his postgame press conference. It would be one thing if he’d done it out of frustration from a tough loss, but the Pacers won! Just enjoy it, dude!

Of course, Hibbert then issued an apologetic statement and reached out to Jason Collins on Twitter, so all is well, right? Yes, and no.

Needless to say, Hibbert will be hearing it from anti-homophobic groups for a while, but Indiana is in prime position to knock off the Heat and make its first trip to the Finals since the turn of the century. But Hibbert is still out $75,000…

NBA commissioner David Stern said Hibbert’s apology is “no doubt sincere,” but what do you think? Comment below and let us know!