Fast Pitch: 111-Year-Old Yankees Fan, Rangers Farm Day, Dwight Howard Loses

Here’s the latest edition of Fast Pitch for June 4, 2013:

Is 111-Year Old New York Yankees’ Fan Bernando LaPallo Lying About His Age?

Bernando LaPallo is a die-hard New York Yankees fan who claims to be 111-years-old, but there’s been plenty of talk about whether or not he’s lying about his age. His family claims his birth date was documented incorrectly back in the 1930’s–so nobody knows what to believe at this point.

Either way, at least the Yankees fan has been lucky enough to watch his beloved team win numerous World Series titles over the decades.

Texas Rangers Are Ahead of the Game With Farm Day, What’s Next in MLB?

It’s always entertaining to see baseball teams perform acts unrelated to baseball–which is exactly what happened between the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers. The two teams decided to participate in Farm and Ranch Day?

So what exactly is Farm and Ranch Day? Well, you’re just going to have to go over to the Clubhouse section to find out!

Los Angeles Lakers’ Dwight Howard Loses Free-Throw Contest To Housewife

When it comes to terrible free throw shooters, Dwight Howard sits near the top of that list–so it should be no surprise to hear he lost a contest to a mother of three children. Howard has seen his fair-share of low moments in his career, but the argument can be made this may the lowest of them all.

Come on Dwight–please spend the offseason working on your free throws to avoid embarrassing losses like this in the future.