Former QB Donovan McNabb Should Leave Robert Griffin III Be, Stop Critiquing Him

Even when Donovan McNabb was throwing up bits of Chunky Soup on Sunday’s, I still had a lot respect for the hybrid type of football that he brought to the quarterback position in the NFL. Now that the ex-Philadelphia Eaglesfront man is unemployed, he has grown bored and thinks it’s okay to put the likes of Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan on blast.

Apparently, McNabb is upset about how the Washington Redskins have allowed Griffin to conduct interviews during OTA’s about his torn ACL. If this ignoramus paid one inch of attention to the Derrick Rose saga with the Chicago Bulls then he surely would have not had this to say:

“But if you’re coming off ACL surgery, you don’t need to be having a press conference at OTAs.”

I would have done jumping-jacks if Rose had a clarifying press conference prior to the 2013 NBA season, so McNabb is obviously fishing for attention here. It’s understandable considering how hard the five-time All-Pro fell off of the map.

Sure, McNabb may have been just trying to give another quarterback some advice, but his critique of Shanahan is utterly bogus.

The unemployed loudmouth said “One thing Andy Reid did is he never let the injured guys become the story.”

Really Donovan?

You’re going to commend Reid when he has been to just one Super Bowl in 14 years and failed out of Philly? Someone must have taken too many hits to the head to remember that Shanahan has two more shiny rings to his name than Reid and McNabb combined.