Should Athletes be Allowed to Influence Coaches' Fates?

The Los Angeles Clippers recently fired Vinny Del Negro after their best season in franchise history and now it’s come out that star Clippers guard and current free agent Chris Paul was at least part of the reason for the move. Sure, Paul is the best thing to happen to the Clippers in a long time, but he shouldn’t be able to just call the shots in L.A. now. Yeah, he’s a free agent, but if the Clippers re-sign him now, he’ll think he’s the general manager of the team.

This is exactly what happened with Dwight Howard in Orlando when he got Stan Van Gundy canned even though he was going to leave via trade or free agency anyway. No NBA team is going to win a title with Paul or Howard as its best player, so why do they get to call the shots? They are both whiners and overrated as players.

But even somebody like Kobe Bryant, who has won two titles as his team’s best player, doesn’t deserve that “luxury,” either. Even when he was the league’s best player, Bryant was still a headache for the Los Angeles Lakers because he wanted to control everything and when a player is in charge, a team can’t win. Perfect example: the Lakers had to have Phil Jackson come back to win more titles and haven’t won since he left.

So what do you think? Should Paul be allowed to influence his team’s coaching hires and fires? What about a player like Bryant? Comment below and let us know!