Dallas Cowboys' Dysfunction in Naming Bill Callahan Play-Caller is Laughable

Oh, the Dallas Cowboys. Just when you think you’ve seen it all from America’s Goofy Team, they go and give us another head-shaker, proving once again they’re the most dysfunctional team in the NFL.

Jerry Jones said way back in January that offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Bill Callahan will be calling plays for the team this year instead of Jason Garrett, but the head coach refused to say he was giving up the duties, and everything has been up in the air ever since.

So then out of the blue, Jerry tells the Dallas media on Tuesday that Callahan is the play-caller and that he has been the play-caller from day one. Ouch!

But that’s not even the best part!

After Jerry embarrassed himself and his entire franchise, Garrett still said it’s not official, but the Cowboys “have a plan.” Yeah right; good one, Coach.

So Callahan is calling the plays even though apparently everybody in the world knew that except Garrett (looks like that Princeton education is coming in handy, huh?). Well, that’s the Cowboys for you. Is anyone really surprised?

Oh, and now everyone is saying Garrett will be a better coach because he doesn’t have to worry about calling plays. We thought you would enjoy one last joke.