Chris Perez's Drug Investigation Bad News for Cleveland Indians

Chris Perez is under a drug investigation! But this is not about steroids or other performance-enhancing drug — it’s something more recreational.

A suspicious package was being tracked by a regional narcotics unit, city police and inspectors from the postal service, and the delivered address turned out to be Perez’s home in Rocky River, Ohio, which is suspected by all the law-enforcement units involved to be marijuana. This will need to be confirmed by the state crime laboratory before any of the fun begins.

Currently, Perez is on the Disabled List with an injured right shoulder, so maybe he needed something to ease the pain, but now it could cost him a much longer absence from the mound.

Nothing has been proven yet, no charges have been filed and Perez has not been arrested. Once it is determined what was in the package, and how much, charges will be filed. And after that happens, the Cleveland Indians will be able to take their own disciplinary action.

What do you think? Is Perez trying get comfortably numb? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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