Karl Malone Disrespects Michael Jordan, Still Has No Championship Rings

Due to Michael Jordan’s dominance, a plethora of Hall of Fame NBA players were unable to win a World Championship. Sure, Jordan wasn’t the only member of the Chicago Bulls during their glorious run, but he definitely was the best player on each championship-winning team. Naturally, Jordan’s dominance has garnered a few haters over the years, and ex-Utah Jazz standout Karl Malone is one of the biggest.

Malone was drafted by Utah just one year after the Bulls selected Jordan in 1984, so the “Mailman” grew accustomed to MJ’s insane talent.

Apparently Malone wasn’t impressed in those 18 years, because he left Jordan out of his hypothetical best starting lineup in NBA history. As I mentioned above, many players were deprived of a ring because of Jordan’s talent and Malone is no exception — despite facing off against the Bulls in the 1997 and 1998 NBA Finals Malone remains without a championship.

Perhaps that is why Malone decided to place LeBron James and Scottie Pippen in his fab five instead of MJ. Bitterness is the cause of a lot of bad decisions and it’s obvious that Malone is as bitter as a cup of coffee.

Honestly — Pippen?

I get it, the guy doesn’t get enough love even though he is a top-50 basketball player of all time, but to put him above Jordan is downright disrespectful. In addition, the ex-Jazz forward admitted he had a “man crush” of sorts on James — if I am doing the math correctly shouldn’t Malone have six man crushes on Jordan?

For now, Malone and the Utah faithful alike can bash Jordan all they please, yet the championship rings still rest on MJ’s fingers and not Malone’s.