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2013 NBA Free Agency: What Are the Top 5 Landing Spots For Dwight Howard?

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Top 5 Landing Spots For Dwight Howard

Richard Mackson-USA Today Sports

Here's a debate -- who's the bigger free agent target? Dwight Howard or Chris Paul?

Well, you can decide that one because we are here to talk about Howard and that's it. Howard's drama-filled route to the Los Angeles Lakers a season ago may just be starting round two as the highly-touted center enters the free agent market this summer. I know right, finally!

At this point however, there is a solid number of teams that have a legitimate shot at landing Howard's services for next season -- including a potential return to the bright lights in Los Angeles. But what are these top five spots? Who has the best chance to land the big man this July?

Let's dive into some of these questions and break down the top five landing spots for one of this summer's most targeted treasures.

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No. 5- Cleveland Cavaliers

Gary A. Vasquez-USA Today Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a virtual long shot to land Howard, but they can certainly be included in this consideration. The Cavaliers own the No. 1 overall selection in this year's draft, as well as three other selections. Cleveland could make some serious news with an addition of Howard, but it's not likely and it's doubtful the big man would even have any interest given some of the other teams on this list.

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No. 4- Atlanta Hawks

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

The Atlanta Hawks technically have enough cap space to sign both Howard and Chris Paul. You that they will, at the very least, be pursuing both of them, but who knows just how much of a chance they have in landing not both, but even one of the two. Hawks come in at No. 4 on this list because it's a possibility, but Atlanta would likely have to sell the situation to Paul, as well.

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No. 3- Dallas Mavericks

Gary A. Vasquez-USA Today Sports

The Dallas Mavericks are looking to make moves. Mark Cuban wants this Dallas team -- that missed the playoffs here in 2013 -- to get back into championship contention within the next two years. Howard in Dallas is a possibility and we've learned in that past to trust Cuban in business situations.

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No. 2- Houston Rockets

Cary Edmondson-USA Today Sports

The Houston Rockets are making moves and they've freed up enough cap space to create some noise this summer. Howard has already expressed a mutual interest in playing with the Rockets and he might be the exact missing piece that this team needs to become a championship contender. Houston is certainly a team to watch in the race for Howard.

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No. 1- Los Angeles Lakers

Greg Smith-USA Today Sports

Okay, the Los Angeles Lakers were a mess this season. They barely made the playoffs, they never lived up to the expectations that surrounded them and then Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles. Well, Kobe is reportedly ready to make a pitch at Howard this summer and a return to Los Angeles is certainly a top option for Howard. He spent this past season in L.A. and heading into this summer, there is no doubt that a return to the Lakers is the option to beat.