Chicago Bears Give JaMarcus Russell Tryout, Move Over Jay Cutler

Believe it or not, the Chicago Bears are giving JaMarcus Russell a chance to be the club’s next backup quarterback. With Jay Cutler‘s contract up after the 2013 season, Chicago has no long-term replacement in place, so Russell could easily have another opportunity in the NFL before the end of June.

Bears fans have a lot to get excited about this season, but if their star QB misses an extended amount of time again in 2013 then the club can bank on missing the playoffs for the third straight season.

Russell has dropped weight at a significantly high rate — after hitting rock bottom at 315 pounds, Russell is reportedly down to 295 pounds. Perhaps unfortunately, the unemployed quarterback got a ton of attention and cash while playing for the LSU Tigers. This early stardom caused a young Russell to be taken advantage of and not perform at his highest abilities.

The stat sheet for Russell is an eyesore — at age 27, the ex-Oakland Raiders QB has 18 touchdowns to his name and an embarrassing 23 career interceptions. Working with former NFL All-Pro Jeff Garcia, hopefully the free agent can help turn his once bright professional career around.

Keep in mind, the Baltimore Ravens have also shown interest in Russell, even though the organization has yet to reach out to Russell and ask for him to workout for the club. As long as the weight issue is no longer a problem than both of these teams have nothing to lose by taking a chance on a guy like Russell. Either way, the Bears are the current front-runners for a player who was the hottest of commodities in 2007.