NBA Finals 2013 Flop Watch Featuring Chris Bosh in Game 1

Unfortunately, the fans of the NBA are being subjected to one of the most egregious displays of flopping since the glorious league began. The “King of flop” is easily LeBron James who can’t even go a half, let alone a whole game, without flopping out of his mind.

With the Miami Heat now down 1-0 in the 2013 NBA Finals, players on the roster are likely to amp up their acting skills moving forward.

Chris Bosh is already being scapegoated for an ill-advised three-point shot that he took in the waning seconds of Game 1. Nobody was near Bosh when he heaved up the shot, but after shooting 0-3 from the three-point line prior, the shot seemed rather unnecessary. Perhaps Bosh’s flopping ways are catching up to him and affecting that beloved jumper of his.

Apart from that shot, Bosh also made headlines thanks to a disgusting flop while fighting for a loose ball with San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan. The Bosh-trich embarrassed himself by flailing all over the court when Duncan barely touched the Heat forward. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that a Heat player has flopped and surely won’t be the last.

Tony Parker was exceptional in Game 1, yet his flopping ways will take center stage before this historic series comes to a close. After 12 years in the league Parker knows NBA officials like the back of his hand and isn’t afraid to flail in order to get a call in his favor. You can’t talk NBA refs without talking about Joey Crawford, who absolutely despises the Spurs and is always steadfast to blow his whistle, so keep an eye on him and the rest of the officials working this series.