NBA Finals 2013 Flop Watch: San Antonio Spurs Get Embarrassed in Game 2

It was a game to forget for anyone affiliated with the San Antonio Spurs. It’s safe to say that Tim Duncan, Manu Ginóbili and Tony Parker all flopped in Game 2 of the 2013 NBA Finals as the trio combined to score just 27 points.

Luckily, the striped shirt of Joey Crawford kept flopping at bay for most of the game. The Miami Heat bench players are usually the ones who get ridiculed for their embarrassing flops, but this time they actually came to play! In fact, Mario Chalmers led the entire team with 19 points and shined against the Game 1 hero in Parker.

The low light for the Spurs came when LeBron James blocked a would-be Tiago Splitter dunk with authority. James could have taken the wimpy route and ducked out of Splitter’s way, but instead was rewarded for his defensive prowess. Surely, if Dwyane Wade was in such a situation he would have set up to take a charge and flopped his way right out of the gym.

Chris Bosh looked like he turned a corner last night pouring in 12 points, 10 rebounds and dishing out four crucial assists. A noted flopper, Bosh plays much better when his focus isn’t on getting foul calls from the officials. As much as Crawford is scrutinized by NBA fans, he tried his best to keep the flopping to a minimum — Mark Cuban and his recent flop study would be proud!

Crawford will not be patrolling the court for Game 3 in San Antonio, but that game is certainly the most important of the entire series. Ninety-two percent of teams that have won Game 3 in the 2-3-2 format were later crowned as NBA champions, so you can imagine the floppers will be out and about on Tuesday.