NBA Finals 2013: Game 2 Dominated by Miami Heat; San Antonio Spurs Will be Ready for Game 3

Game 2 of the 2013 NBA Finals turned into a party for the Miami Heat after the San Antonio Spurs stole Game 1. Every Miami player had a good game other than LeBron James and it turned out well. Funny how that works.

Get this: the high scorer in the entire game was Heat point guard Mario Chalmers, who dropped 19 points, most of which came in garbage time. LeBron “only” had 17 points, but his passive nature for the majority of the game forced his teammates to step up their games and it resulted in a massive victory for Miami.

Now the series shifts to San Antonio for three straight games and history is definitely on the Spurs’ side. Arguably their greatest game in franchise history was Game 5 in the 2005 NBA Finals. The game before? A 31-point loss.

Tim Duncan had the worst Finals game of his career on Sunday, shooting a woeful 3-13 (23%) and his two partners — Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili — fared just as bad or worse. Parker had a pedestrian game at best both scoring and distributing the ball while Ginobili looked like he’d never dribbled a basketball before. With a team like this that has so much championship experience, that had to be a fluke.

Miami now has a chemistry as a team instead of everything running through LeBron, but all members of the Spurs’ Big Three were off and that won’t happen again, so Game 3 should be another nail-biter. If you’re placing bets, plan on going to work Wednesday morning with no fingernails.