New England Patriots Signing Tim Tebow is a Publicity Stunt

The New England Patriots surprised no one on Monday when they signed free agent quarterback Tim Tebow, who was waived by the New York Jets last month. After Wes Welker split town, Brandon Lloyd wasn’t re-signed and Rob Gronkowski had his fifth surgery in two years, the team lost a lot of star power. So dare we ponder the unthinkable? The Patriots brought in Tebow as a publicity stunt.

Think about it: the Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl in a decade and after all the recent departures and Gronk’s questionable health, they’re really not as popular as they once were. So signing a guy like Tebow as the dog days of summer are approaching is definitely a way to grab the attention of the sports world that is bored with LeBron James headlines.

Heaven knows Tebow isn’t going to bump Ryan Mallett from the No. 2 spot, much less challenge Tom Brady for the starting job, so he might do some quirky special teams work and possibly a Wildcat package here and there, but that’s it. And that’s assuming he makes the roster; just because Tebow is supposed to report to mini-camp on Tuesday doesn’t mean he’s guaranteed a job this season. He wasn’t signed until the day before mini-camp after all.

So what do you think? Is this a legitimate roster move by the Patriots or just a publicity stunt? Comment below and let us know!