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2013 NBA Free Agency: What Are the Top 5 Landing Spots For Chris Paul?

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Chris Paul: Top 5 Landing Spots

JD Mercer-USA Today Sports

We are under a month away from the start of the free agent period in the NBA off-season and possibly even one month away from finding out where one of the top targets in this year's pool will be headed.

Alongside Dwight Howard, who has a list of five potential landing spots himself, Chris Paul is probably the most highly-sought after players heading into this off-season. So, what about Paul? Where will he play next season? Will he return to the Los Angeles Clippers for the 2013-14 season or will he look elsewhere at this juncture in his career?

Well, without further ado, let's dive into the top five landing spots for the top free agent point guard in the NBA:

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No. 5- Los Angeles Lakers

Spruce Derden-USA Today Sports

Remember when David Stern and the NBA owners blocked Paul's trade to the Lakers two years ago? Well, the free agent point guard could certainly considering heading back to where he could have landed originally.

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No. 4- New York Knicks

Spruce Derden-USA Today Sports

The Knicks might not have the greatest of chances to land Paul, but it certainly would be a good fit. Another superstar in the bright lights of New York City on a roster that could use some star potential at the point guard position.

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No. 3- Atlanta Hawks

JD Mercer-USA Today Sports

We know, the Hawks can afford two max contracts this off-season. Could Howard and Paul team up in Atlanta? It's a possibility, there's no doubt about it.

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No. 2- Dallas Mavericks

Nelson Chenault-USA Today Sports

The Mavericks will be hot pursuit of both Howard and Paul this off-season, so there's no way that Dallas won't be within the conversation for his future service. Paul would fill a need and be a star for a Mavericks team that is hoping to get back into contention after missing the playoffs this past season.

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No. 1- Los Angeles Clippers

Jayne Kamin-Ocnea-USA Today Sports

The Clippers are making a coaching change and they are surely trying to satisfy Paul. He has had some successful seasons in Los Angeles and there's no doubt that he is heavily considering a return. Clippers should be considered the frontrunners for Paul at this point, but a lot can change in the coming weeks.