New England Patriots: What is Tim Tebow's Future?

Tim Tebow was signed by the New England Patriots on Monday and was expected to report to Patriots training camp on Tuesday. There have been a ton of jokes about Tebow since he was waived by the New York Jets in May, but now in all seriousness, it’s time to look at what his future with the Patriots will look like, if he does have a future in New England at all.

First off, there are a million different opinions as to why the Patriots signed Tebow. It could have been a publicity stunt, it could be just so Bill Belichick can stick it to Jets head coach Rex Ryan or the Pats could legitimately want the former Heisman Trophy winner as their third-string signal-caller. Of course, Tebow isn’t going anywhere, so having him around as a long-term project isn’t a bad idea at all.

Ryan Mallett is the surefire backup to Brady, but he’ll likely be a hot trade target this year, so he could be gone by this time next year and if Belichick’s plan goes smoothly, Tebow could be backing up Brady as early as the second half of the upcoming NFL season. Sounds crazy, right? This is the Patriots and their mysterious ways.

So what do you think Tebow’s future holds in New England? Comment below and let us know! Also, don’t forget to check out some of our other Tebow coverage:

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