Pacman Jones Hits Woman, Chad Johnson Slaps Attorney's Butt; World Will End Soon

Two members of the Cincinnati Bengals‘ family — both directly and indirectly — are in big trouble.

Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones and former wide receiver Chad Johnson (a.k.a. Chad Ochocinco) both made headlines in the same 24-hour time span.

Johnson was already in court hearing for a parole violation and, true to his Ochocinco ways, he acted up just enough to earn a 30-day sentence to jail. What did he do?

He gave a little “nice game” butt slap to his attorney, which inevitably caused a reaction of laughter from the courtroom (including a hysterical knee-slapping fit by the courtroom security guard), and irritated the judge.

C’mon, Chad! There’s a time when you’ve got to tone down the humor — while you’re in court would be one of those times!

Jones was arrested for allegedly punching a woman. According to his agent, a woman at a bar hit Jones over the head with a beer bottle after he refused to take a photo with her, and he pushed her away. Jones took to Twitter, saying it was self-defense, but we’ll see what the ruling says. Jones has toned it down over the past couple years, but he still has a career on the line.

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